Dean Forster
Stunt Coordinator

  UK Based Film and Television Stunt Coordinator    

For more information call Dean on 0781 8887328

Dean Forster UK based stunt coordinator has been working in the film and TV industry for over 21 years. Performing stunts on Films include Bond, The Bourne Ultimatum, Mission: Impossible. Television shows well just about most show which involve stunts or action The Five, Houdini and Doyle, Broadchurch 2 & 3, Glue, Critical, Fortitude 1 & 2, Humans 1 & 2, Game of Thrones and  to name a few.

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Dean Forster is a Professional JISC Stunt 

Co-ordinator/Performer for 23 years, Enthusiastic team member with the ability to think outside of the box to create an imaginative and exciting product. Able to communicate with all departments. Skilled Script interpretation and breakdown. 100% safety record.


Another day getting wet and cold

Jumping into Water

For BBC Television

Car crash for ITV. Lorry into the car

Car Crash

For ITV doubling Sean Petweed

Another day at the office

Fire Job

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